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One year later...

Well, since my last post, it's been a whole year and a lot has happened. The reasons I haven't posted here in the past year will become apparent as this post continues.

In February, I was involved in a fatal car accident where I lost my husband. After that, I moved home to Ohio. After some recovery time, I got a new job and started living life to the fullest. I've been doing what I can to enjoy life now and have found happiness again. So, having fun, spending time with my family and friends, and following my dreams and goals is what I've been doing. Now, the reason I don't post on here much anymore is because I now have my own website. go check it out from here out out! http://kuukisuart.com Thanks for stopping by and reading... hope I can have some of you follow me where I am now. :)

Chiropractic Care Please!

So, in my last post, I mentioned my great struggle with the shelving. As it turns out, we did not sleep on the couches that night. Instead, I threw everything on the floor and slept in bed. The next morning brought with it the gift of a cramp in my shoulder and a grumpy James who did nothing to ease said pain in my shoulder. It felt like I had just slept on it wrong, so I thought nothing more of it. I didn’t have much time before I went to work, but I managed to go to the store and take the dogs on a short walk while James bitched in the house. Then I went to work.
While at work, the pain in my shoulder worsened. I thought for sure that I would be able to make it through my night at work. A small cramp in my shoulder had never caused me enough pain to have to go home. Well, this time it was different. The pain grew immensely and by 5pm, I though I was having a heart attack. The pain had shot up my neck, down my arm, and through my chest and my other hand was shaking uncontrollably. Needless to say, I went strait home and then to Mary to have a look at me. She looked me over, told me that I was not having a heart attack, and tried to sooth the pain. It worked a little, but not too much. Then I went home and sat up all night, only passing out for about 30 minutes and then getting up at 4am, completely exhausted, and taking a shower in hopes that the heat would loosen me up long enough to get some sleep. It didn’t. I never did get more that 30 minutes of sleep that night.
At 2:30 that afternoon, I finally made it in to the chiropractor. Turns out, it was a pulled muscle in my neck that caused some pinched nerves. He said that it wouldn’t be an instant fix, to not go into work on Friday, and to come back in on Friday morning and see the other chiropractor, his wife. So, that’s what I did. I felt a little better after my first appointment, but not too great. On Friday, I saw his wife and she worked on me for about an hour, then I got to have a massage, then I had to go back four hours later to get worked on again. You know you’re in bad shape when your chiropractor is mutter “Oh, bless your heart” while she’s working on you and then having to go back in four hours later to be worked on again.
Today, I’m feeling much better than I was on Tuesday, but not back to 100%. She not only worked on my shoulder, but she worked on my back where it’s been out for a few years as well. I have to go back in on Monday. My shoulder doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did, but my back is pretty sore. I’ll just be glad when the end result is me being better than what I was. 
Well, that’s about it for me. I think I’m going to read some more.

Stuck in a Closet

Today was interesting. Today, I got stuck in a closet. That’s right, stuck... in a closet… I was trying to move some shelves into our closet when the got stuck and I couldn’t move them in or out, so I was stuck. I had scream for help for several minutes before James finally heard me and came to my rescue. Needless to say, the bedroom is a disaster still because just putting the shelves in and organizing what was in the closet took a lot out of me. *sigh* Looks like we’ll be sleeping on the couches tonight. Oh well… we’ll call it a camp out and laugh about it in the morning. :p
AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Life is good! I just checked my account balance and where there was once none, there’s a large sum! Thank God!!! *bounces up and down in chair at work* That makes me sooo happy. :D
Too bad most if it is already spent on bills… *sigh* Still, it’s good to have it.
Oh, also today I got my little wing charms I ordered on ebay. They are a lot smaller than I had anticipated… they’ll work for what I’m going to be using them for though. 
Well, I’m off to order Shadowland on Amazon.com again. Romeo chewed up my last copy. Gah!! Dogs!!

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! A lot happened over my weekend, so to start off with, we picked up our new couch and it’s so comfortable, it feels like we’re sitting on air. I love it! It may not be the prettiest couch, but it’s decent looking, comfortable, and ours! Oh, and the adventure of picking it up was… well… an adventure. We went to rent a u-haul truck, but it was too expensive. So, we borrowed Dad’s truck and rented a u-haul trailer and went to get it. On the way, we picked up David, a friend of James’ from school. Well, needless to say, we were backing out and got stuck in a ditch. To our luck, a guy who owned a tow truck lived across the street and came and pulled us out for free. It was awesome!!
So, we got it home, I dropped them and the couch off, dropped of the trailer, went back to Mom and Dad’s house and picked up my van, then went off to the Laundromat. As I left home, I checked the mail and discovered that my book I had been waiting for has finally arrived, so I was thrilled about that as well. After doing the laundry for nearly three hours, I made a quick stop at Kroger and then finally made it home and ate some of the best spaghetti ever. That was Wednesday night.
Thanksgiving was wonderful!! There was tons of food and lots of laughs.  James made the turkey, the gravy, and the whipped cream and I made the frozen cranberry salad and took everything over to Mom and Dad’s house for dinner. There were 12 of us and we all had a great time!
Earlier that day, while things were still cooking, Stephan and Austin came over and hung out for a bit too. It was sooo nice to see them. Oh, and David as brought his puppy with him and the puppy and Romeo played so much they wore each other out. Needless to say, it was very peaceful after that.
After dinner, we had to take David home and then went back to have more fun and eat some desert. Yumm!!! After we got home, James was all ready to stay up and watch a movie, but fell asleep about 30 minutes into Bolt. Needless to say, I watched Bolt, Rise of the Lycans, and 27 Dresses before he woke up at 2am. Then, he decided he wanted to stay up and watch tv, but before he could change a channel, he passed out again. So, I got everything ready and made him go to bed when I did. It’s not like there was too big of a difference. Either way he was going to sleep, so why not in bed?
And finally, on a strange note, the other night, I found out that the first boyfriend I ever had and his wife and kids are moving to my town in Tennessee. What are the odds? He didn’t even know I lived there. No worries though. We’ve been talking for four years, I think we can be friends. I mean, I’ve only seen him once in the past 10 years, and that was in passing at a book store and we didn’t even say anything to each other. *shrugs* Who knows?
So, that’s about it in my world. Fun weekend, now back to the mundane work world… full of stress and frustration. It never used to be like this, it just recently turned to it. *sigh* oh well… oh, and I almost forgot, my back teeth hurt on the left side of my mouth. Ug.

Writer's Block: It's Never Too Early...

Black Friday is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. When are you planning on beginning your holiday shopping?
I don't plan on doing much shopping this year... I plan on making gifts this year, like I've done the past few years. I've found they're more personal and it's more fun than battling the crowds, though I do like shopping on Black Friday just to say I survived it!

Tired and Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!

Today has been nuts. Simply, nuts. To understand why it’s been nuts, you first have to understand that I stayed up until 4am updating my old laptop since I replaced the cord and made it operational again. Yay for that! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to see things on such a huge screen. :p Also, while updating, I caught up with a few old friends of mine.
First off, I might get to see someone that for the longest time I held a grudge against. Last night, I decided to wipe the slate clean. We’re both older and wiser and hopefully not nearly as stupid. He’ll be nearby over the Thanksgiving holiday and I might get to see him, which would be nice. Then, I caught up with someone I hadn’t seen in 10 years and found out that as fate would have it, him and his family are moving to my little town. How crazy is that?! He didn’t even know that I lived there until last night. It’s funny how strange things can be sometimes.
So, the reason to day has been nuts is because I’m tired…. Very very tired. I can’t believe I stayed up that late. Wait, yes I can. :p What can I say? I got carried away. Moving on. We woke up, fed Deathstroke and played with her for a bit, got dressed, and went to Target. We were going to buy a microwave or a toaster oven, but decided against it after we got there. No, we do not have either and we have survived fine without them. Perhaps after Christmas we’ll get one. Who knows?
After Target, we stopped and saw Mom, Mary, and Tommy, picked up something to help with the turkey, discussed Thanksgiving dinner, collected some herbs, and went back to our place. While I picked up a lot of mess, James transferred stuff from our Rodeo to our van so they could take it away today. I really hope they do it today at least. The funny part was that they called asking about a payment, James told them he’ll sell it back to them as-is like they had done to us. He told them all the problems with it including the fact it was broke down. They said they’d pick it up. They called back five minutes later to ask if it was drivable. How stupid can one person be?! Gees!!! No it’s not drivable!
Anyway, James cleaned it out while I cleaned up a few things inside, then he took our couch outside and out back… well, what’s left of it anyway. The dogs thought that since it was faux leather, it was a chew toy. On Wednesday we plan on replacing it with a much better couch anyway. Well, actually, it’s a sectional. Still, I can’t wait!!
On the way to pick it up on Wednesday, we’re going to pick up a friend of James’ from school and he’ll be joining us for the night and for Thanksgiving.
Meanwhile, we have a lot of work to do. Lots of cleaning, lots of errands, and did I mention lots of cleaning? On top of that, I want to really get cracking on the unpacking part of my tasks since we’ll be having a roommate next semester. A friend of James’ from school will be staying with us until he gets on his feet, which is fine by me. The only thing is, is the room he’ll be using is full of boxes. I need to get through all that stuff already!! Procrastination time is over… time to get off my butt and do what I need to do.
Right now, I’m just looking forward to my Wednesday and Thursday off and spending time on Thanksgiving with everyone. Granted, I wish I could be home with my family or them here, but at least I’ll be with friends and family here, and that’s what’s important. You know the holiday season is here! Days are getting shorter and my to do list is getting longer. :p
Well, until next time…

Writer's Block: Book review

What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?
I wouldn't ban any books. What's the point? They're going to read them or at least see them at some point anyway, so why shelter them? I think that sheltering kids from reading certain books leaves their minds shut to other possibilities and questions and that if they read something that makes them have questions, adults should be there to answer them. I think this would end a lot of confusion as children grow up...

Writer's Block: Time in a bottle

Imagine that you have a time machine. Which deceased musician would you most want to travel back in time to watch perform live?
The Beatles!!! I would love to watch The Beatles perform live!!

Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!
I think New Moon followed the book much closer than Twilight ever did and it was sooo much better than Twilight!! I can't wait to see how Eclipse comes out!!
For those who don't like Twilight, that's your opinion, but there's no reason to talk down about those who do. I'm not one of those hysterical people about it, but the story is pretty good, even if Stephanie Meyers isn't the best author of all time. I don't agree with the sparkly vamps, but hey.. what ev. All in all, good story and the New Moon movie was so much better than Twilight. Also, I think the director of Twilight shouldn't direct ever again. That is all.
Well, it certainly has been a while since last I wrote, but I guess that has to do with the fact that I’ve been so busy. A lot has been happening around me and it’s been very hard to find the time… where to begin?
How about I start with our vehicle situation? Our truck kept breaking down on us and the last time it broke down was when I was getting off the highway. I pushed the clutch in and it stuck to the floor meaning that I needed to replace the entire clutch. If that’s not bad enough, it still had at least $800 on top of that worth of things that needed fixing and that don’t include the electrical problems! Needless to say, James and I finally got fed up and decided that having a more reliable vehicle was what we needed. We would have fixed the Tracer, but who knows if the clutch is all that’s wrong with it? Oh, and to put the icing on the cake, I’m known throughout James’ family as the clutch killer now because two vehicles (the Tracer and the Rodeo) have both had their clutches burned out while I have been driving them. I swear, I’m not that bad at driving clutch! Gees!! So, our ultimate solution was to buy another vehicle that was more reliable. In the end, we ended up buying a 1999 Montana van and wouldn’t you know it? The day I bought it, it broke down! I wanted to pull my hair out and cry. Fortunately, the dealership was kind enough to fix it for me for free, though I’m not sure if they did a good job. Just to be on the safe side, we’re going to purchase special repair insurance on it on the first of December to cover our butts. I think it would be highly beneficial for us to do it. To sum up, we have a working vehicle. :)
In even happier news, we have a new furry member to our family. A fuzzy little kitten named Deathstroke Muse. She’s a cute little calico kitten whose face is split down the middle, half black, half brown. She’s growing so fast too! We love to play with her and watch her get her goof on. Oh yes, there will be videos of overly cute kitten being a goof. :D
Other than that, nothing else is really all that new. We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving and having a friend join us at Mom and Dad’s house for the holiday, the house is in dire need of being cleaned but we’re working on it, and I’m in the market for a new couch. Lesson learned: dogs plus a faux leather couch do not mix. They think it’s something to chew on. *sigh* I intend to make a Christmas video on the origins of Christmas and maybe a few other videos in the new future along with a few other videos of (hopefully) James’ rants.
Oh! Today I finally got a replacement cord for my old laptop and tonight I will get to see if it works. I’m really really hoping that it does! If so, my video editing will become sooo much better as will my photo editing. : )
Finally, I’d like to talk about the books I’ve read in the past month. I’ve read the 6th book in the House of Night series, Tempted, and I can NOT wait for the 7th: Burned. It’s freakin’ awesome!! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for more.
The other books I read in the past month are the three books of the Mortal Instruments series. I HIGHLY recommend them. In fact, I intend on re-reading them as soon as the first book shows up in my mailbox. Yes, that’s right, I ordered the series. So far, only the second and third have arrived, but the first should be here any day now. I can’t wait! I feel like there’s something I missed…. Hm…
Well, that’s it for now… that’s all my updates… I think…

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